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MENTOR: Alan K. Chan, API Equality-LA

Thank you to everyone who came out to the August 6, 2016 panel/info and team matching session. Along with all the panelists that represented each of the 4 areas of interest;

International LGBTQ issues
Access to sexual health services and PrEP
LGBTQ homelessness
Trans awareness and economic empowerment

We're all excited and eager to be your champion but to also be your harshest critic. Hopefully, all the other mentors will introduce themselves and make themselves available to the teams that they are mentoring as well as the group, as a whole but for now:

My background is as a gay Asian-American male with over 15 years dedicated to the IT field, providing services and consulting professionally for almost every size organization and sector from Fortune 500 business to the federal government. More recently, he has worked with small businesses and a growing non-profit. He currently works as a Systems Manager for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

His involvement in the LGBTQ community has spanned over 10 years focusing on volunteering that intersects with People of Color (POC) issues. He is currently serving on the board of API (Asian-Pacific Islanders) Equality-LA and San Gabriel Valley API PFLAG. API Equality-LA is one of the few national organizations leading LGBTQ work in the Asian-American community. He also participates in ground-breaking research with the political arm of the LA LGBT Center around changing attitudes on LGBTQ and progressive issues that has been featured on This American Life, Science Magazine, New York Times Magazine and many more.

As was discussed during the August 6th event, according to fellow mentor, Tai Sunnanon, what the LGBT community needs isn't necessarily technical solutions as much as it needs "adaptive" solutions. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to get my perspective on a minority population (API) or so called, "adaptive" solutions, to change hearts and minds around LGBTQ people and their rights or any other topic. Also, if you need to reach out to any of the other mentors, please feel free to message me as well. I don't have their contact information at this point either but I can likely reach them through my contacts at HackerNest.

Also, you should have already registered for the final event on EventBrite to have made it to this Devpost website but also make sure you RSVP for the other meetup.com events for Hack4Equality:

Tech Mentoring Workshop @ Grindr HQ on Saturday, August 27th from 2pm - 5pm

Pitch Perfect Workshop @ West Hollywood City Council Chambers on September 10th from 2pm - 5pm

Hack4Equality Science Fair Demo Day + Finals @ Grindr HQ on Sunday September 25 from 1pm - 7pm

Best of luck to everyone,

Alan K. Chan, API Equality-LA
Community Partner Mentor
(424) 242-5265


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