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And the winners of #Hack4Equality are...

Judging was difficult and arduous, but we have our winners! An enormous thank you to everyone who came out to participate, mentor, judge, and support -- this was a wonderful experience for us because of each of your contributions -- thank you again for making this so worthwhile. 

Read more about our winners here on Grindr's blog.


Challenge Sets

LGBTQ Homelessness: LooBot!

International LGBTQ Issues: Speakout!

Trans Awareness & Economic Empowerment: Kristening.me!

Access to Sexual Health Services & PrEP: HeyBud!



Grindr Integration: HeyBud!

Runner-Up: Kristening.me!

Grand Prize: LooBot!


Remember: this is just…

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Venue and Parking Info for Participants/Guests!

Venue and parking details for Hack4Equality :

Sunday, September 25th Science Fair Demos & Finals  
@ Grindr HQ, 750 N San Vicente Blvd, Pacific Design Center Red Building East


Grindr is located in the Pacific Design Center's Red Building East. The address is 750 N San Vicente Blvd.

The Red Building East is found on N San Vicente Blvd, just behind the MOCA building. be sure to park in the Red Building parking structure. Once you are parked, make your way to the Red Building East elevators and proceed up to the SkyLobby using the SL button where you…

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Final Stretch, Friends/Family Guest List, Instructions, Schedule!

Final stretch! ASAP: Make sure you submit at least a draft/placeholder project (editable until 11:45pm September 24th) so we can reserve a demo table for you. There will be lots of investors and VCs in the room; don't miss out on this huge opportunity. If you need a team, amy@hackernest.com can hook you up, but you need to contact her NOW. 

Friends/family: If you have a few friends you want to invite to watch you (and others!) demo, that's cool -- just email hack4equality@hackernest.com with their first and last names to be put on the guest list or else building security will turn them away. Deadline to submit names is…

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