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almost 4 years ago

Final Stretch, Friends/Family Guest List, Instructions, Schedule!

Final stretch! ASAP: Make sure you submit at least a draft/placeholder project (editable until 11:45pm September 24th) so we can reserve a demo table for you. There will be lots of investors and VCs in the room; don't miss out on this huge opportunity. If you need a team, can hook you up, but you need to contact her NOW. 

Friends/family: If you have a few friends you want to invite to watch you (and others!) demo, that's cool -- just email with their first and last names to be put on the guest list or else building security will turn them away. Deadline to submit names is 8pm Saturday, September 24th. <3



Sunday, September 25th Science Fair Demos & Finals Rough Schedule

  • 1pm - Arrive at Grindr HQ (Pacific Design Center, 750 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood), register, get set up to demo.

  • 2pm - Science Fair Demos start! Judges wander around scoring projects.

  • 4pm - Finalists announced -- other participants casually socialize with investors and partners while finalists set up their demos for the Finals Judges.

  • 5pm - Finals judging starts! 

  • 6pm - Prizes!


Hopefully, you're taking advantage of the open data made available through Hack4Equality. Here's Finals Judge Jessica McGlory of Yang Ventures sharing some insights on what smart data can do for hackathon participants:

With multiple data sets available to Hack4Equality participants, there’s a ton of information you can incorporate into your projects to bolster usability and help round out your demo:

The Opportunity Project encourages technologists, communities, and advocates to work together and build tools that improve people’s lives. With curated open data from federal and local governments, The Opportunity Project seeks to provide access to resources that individuals, families, and communities need to thrive.

The City of Los Angeles shares city data in an effort to increase transparency and empower technologists to use information to improve life in the City of LA. Los Angeles Open Data is available to anyone in the public and private sectors who wants to conduct research, develop apps, and drive innovation. Links: &

The City of West Hollywood makes an effort to present detailed information in a way that is easy to navigate. Simple to access and useful across industries, the City of West Hollywood looks to inform and engage community members via its Open Data initiative.

For the first time ever, Grindr has released anonymized user data that Hack4Equality participants can use to ‘put a rainbow filter’ over census data. The goal is for this data to help participants craft solutions for Hack4Equality’s four challenge sets.



The Science Fair Demos start at 2pm on Sunday, September 25th, so please arrive at 1pm to register and get set up to demo. Show up, meet Jessica and our other amazing judges, and show them why you should take home some of the $100k in prizes from Hack4Equality.


If you’re still procrastinating, here’s a reminder of what you need to do ASAP to secure a demo table:




  • Answer the basic questions around what you're building
  • Get each of those team members from Step #1 attached to your project so they can share the loot!
  • Save and submit your project

Note: Don't worry about it being incomplete; you can edit it until 11:45pm PST on Saturday, September 24th. We can’t reserve a demo table for you if you don’t submit at least a draft project -- so please do this quick!


Good luck! We're all counting on you!