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Hack4Equality Live-Demo: FAQs [Last Update: Sept. 02]

This thread will serve as a general FAQ section and will be updated as needed, so check back often!

Topics covered:
A. Registration
B. Challenge Sets
C. Workshops
D. Mentor Info (for participants)
E. Devpost
F. Additional Resources



Q1. Where do I register to participate? Just Eventbrite? Or Devpost?

A1. Both! All participants need to be registered on both
Eventbrite ( AND
Devpost ( in order to participate in the hackathon :)


Q1. What are the Challenge Sets again? Can I only compete in one category?

A1. You can only compete in 1 of the 4 categories, so choose the one that is most applicable :)

Challenge Set 1: LGBTQ Homelessness

Challenge Set 2: Trans Visibility and Economic Empowerment

Challenge Set 3: International LGBTQ Issues

Challenge Set 4: Access to Sexual Health Services & PrEP


Q1. What are these workshops I keep hearing about and why should I attend?

A1. We’ve organized some really cool workshops to help you ace your project and final team presentation. We’ve got two different workshops coming up so whether its tech stuff or presentation skills you need extra coaching on, we’ve got you covered!

Technology Mentoring Workshop

Grindr will release their never-before-seen, anonymized data at theHack4Equality Tech Workshop at their office on Saturday, August 27th. Tech and data experts from Grindr, Esri, and more will help with hackathon best practices and tech mentoring!

WHEN: Saturday, August 27 from 12-3pm
WHERE: Grindr HQ (

Q2. Sounds awesome. Where do I RSVP if I want to attend these workshops?

A2. RSVP on Links below:

Saturday, Aug. 27, 12-3pm: Technology Workshop

MENTOR INFO (for participants)

Q1. Can you give me the contact details for () mentor so I can ask them some questions?

A1. Unfortunately we cannot publicize our mentor contact details, however we encourage you to post your general questions on the discussion board for mentors to swoop in and answer.

Q2. I have a more specific question related to my project/idea and I don’t want to post it online. Can I get assigned a mentor and connect with them directly? How do I go about getting matched with a mentor?

A2. Absolutely. Our past hackathons found that pairing teams up with mentors helped ensure projects were relevant and were solving actual problems.

Once your team has an idea or two and know which Challenge Set you are competing for, please 1) submit a project on Devpost and 2) send me ( an email (CC'ing your teammates) with the following details:
• Team name
• List of team members (names and emails)
• A brief summary of your project
• Challenge Set mentor request(s)

Note: Don't worry about the incomplete submission - you can continue to edit your project until the submission deadline. This is just so we can do the mentor matching process!

Once I receive your submission and email request, I will introduce you to your assigned mentor(s) via email.

*More to come on team and mentor matching for participants*


Q1. How do I make sure I don’t miss any new discussions that get posted?

A1. Go to the ‘Discussions’ tab and click on the envelope icon that says ‘Email me when new discussions are added’ and you’re good to go!

*More to come on Devpost project submissions*


Q1. Do you have any open data sets to share with us? I’d like to take a look and see how I can apply it to my project.

A1. Yes! You can find these here:


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