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Live-Demo Team Check List [to be completed and verified before Sept. 24]

Hi everyone,

We are now entering week 6 of Hack4Equality so I hope you’re all busy working on those projects!

As we slowly approach the final demo day, now is the time to double and triple check that your team has completed all the mandatory registration boxes for you to participate in the competition.

Registration Check List:

1. Make sure you and all team members are registered for Hack4Equality on Eventbrite (

• Note: we’ve got both Live-Demo and Online-Only versions going on right now so please sign up for the correct one!

Sign up for the Live-Demo hackathon if a team member is demoing in-person in LA on Sept. 25th


Sign up for the Online-Only hackathon if no one on the team can make it to LA on Sept. 25th

• All team members must sign up for the same hackathon.

Example: If you’re not demoing in-person but a member of your team will, then you need to sign up for the local Live-Demo hackathon

2. Make sure you and all team members are registered for Hack4Equality on Devpost (this site!) Again, we have separate Devpost pages for the Live-Demo and Online-Only hackathons, so please double check that you have signed up for the correct one.

Live-Demo hackathon:

Online-Only hackathon:

Team Eligibility Check List:
Rules []

• Teams are allowed a maximum number of 5 members

• You must upload and submit your project on the Hack4Equality Devpost before the deadline Sept. 24th [for Live-Demo teams]

• At least 1 representative from your team must be physically present to demo in-person at the Science Fair Demo Day at Grindr HQ in LA on Sept. 25th [for Live-Demo teams]

• Demos must be functional demos: no slideshows/pure design mockups.

Any questions? Post them here!

Good luck!


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