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[IMPORTANT] Demo Day Walkthrough - Sunday, September 25th

Final countdown until the big day, and we hope you're all set to impress this Sunday!

Here’s what to expect for the Science Fair Demos!

Sunday, September 25th Science Fair Demos & Finals Schedule

1:00pm - You bring the product you’ve built to Grindr HQ (750 N San Vicente Blvd) where you’ll register and setup at your demo space (you’ll get a table, power, and wifi).
*Bring everything else you need to make your presentation a success!

2:00pm - Science Fair Demos start! Science Fair Judges will begin scoring projects. It's exactly like it sounds - think of your high school science fair! You'll be grouped by challenge set and the judges designated for your challenge set will travel from table to table and score your projects!

(Reminder: you've got to submit a project on Devpost to reserve your table to demo, so you want to make sure you do that ASAP! The deadline to submit is Saturday, September 24th at 11:45pm PST.)

You have 3 minutes to show off what you’ve built, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A. Pay attention to their questions so you can pinpoint what to improve on -- then do better for the next one! ProTip: don’t party too hard the night before.

Judging criteria:
- Impact: how will this improve the lives of your beneficiaries?
- Practicality: how easily does this fit into people’s lives; is it adoptable?
- Creativity & Technical Innovation: how cool is this project?
- Polish: how well put-together is the project; the team?

4:30pm - Once our Science Fair Judges are done scoring projects, we’ll announce the teams that move on to the Finals which start at 5pm.

Finalists will head to the Finals Area to set up their demos.

Meanwhile, other participants will get a chance to casually socialize with the many partners and investors in attendance.

5:00pm - Finals judging starts!

6:15pm - Grand prize winner announced! Then more casual socializing with fellow participants and VIPs.

If you have any questions on finding teammates or a mentor, email me ( as soon as possible

If you have any questions on how to register and/or submit on Devpost, email me ( and Annabelle (

Good luck everyone! We'll see you Sunday!


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