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[NEW] And the winners are...

Judging was difficult and arduous, but we have our winners! An enormous thank you to everyone who came out to participate, mentor, judge, and support -- this was a wonderful experience for us because of each of your contributions -- thank you again for making this so worthwhile.

Read more about our winners here on Grindr's blog:

Challenge Sets:
LGBTQ Homelessness: LooBot! (
International LGBTQ Issues: Speakout! (
Trans Awareness & Economic Empowerment:! (
Access to Sexual Health Services & PrEP: HeyBud! (

Grindr Integration: HeyBud! (
Runner-Up:! (
Grand Prize: LooBot! (

Remember: this is just the beginning, regardless of whether or not you won this competition. We just didn't have enough prizes to give out to the fantastic teams that represented on September 25th. So. Keep on pushing. Keep on building. Keep on fighting for LGBTQ equality with all of your efforts.

We believe in you. You should, too.

Much love,
Team Hack4Equality


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